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Coupon Validation

Coupon Validation

How to Prevent Unauthorized High Value Coupon Duplication ...


  1. There are a number of Document Security features that may be used to validate a coupon at the time it is redeemed.
    These features are incorporated in the base stock used to print coupons.
  2. Second, and most important, a person needs to validate the coupon. Coupons may contain a static number. Unfortunately a static number and/or bar code and be easily duplicated. Unless the coupon number is unique to each coupon, it provides no security.

It is important that SECURE COUPON PAPER contain layer on Layer security.

REMEMBER .... securing the sheet is only half of the battle.
Someone needs to VALIDATE the coupon at the time it is redeemed.

Someone needs to check to confirm the coupon is an original before redeeming.
Layer on Layer security means the coupon contains a number of features, many which are virtually impossible to duplicate.

Layer on Layer Security Features may include:

  • (To Prevent Duplication)
    OMNI DIRECTIONAL Hidden Message Technology
    the word "VOID" appears on the photocopy in the background.
    Image may vary depending upon the copier used to make photocopy.

    As technology continues to improve, it is important to note that Hidden Message Technology, the technology used to cause a VOID to appear when a document is photocopied or scanned, does not work 100% of the time on 100 percent of the copiers and scanners. There are a dozen different patents as well as a public domain version used to print this technology. Unfortunately NONE of these methods work 100 percent of the time.

  • (To Prevent Duplication)
    Luminary Technology™ is recognized by the copier's
    Counterfeit Deterrence System (CDS) preventing counterfeiting
    on newer color copiers.

    Luminary Technology™ disrupts and
    prevents the ability of high resolution color copiers to accurately
    duplicate a document printed on SecureGuard REACT papers.
    Luminary Technology

  • (To Validate Coupon when redeeming)
    Easily Authenticate and Validate Original by scratching a coin on the FRONT surface of the sheet
    revealing "VALID" authentication mark.

  • (To Prevent Coupon Modification)
    Distinctive ERASURE protection security background
    White mark appears where erased with ink eraser

  • (To Validate Coupon when redeeming)
    OMNI DIRECTIONAL Artificial Anti-copy Watermark™
    Artificial Watermark is printed on the back of each sheet.
    This watermark will not appear on copy when the document is duplicated.
    Hold on a 45° angle to light to view watermark to identify original.
    Artificial Watermark

  • (To Validate Coupon when redeeming)
    UV Invisible Image Security Technology on back of sheet
    Invisible Artificial Watermark on the back of document becomes visible when viewed under black light

  • (To Validate Coupon when redeeming)
    Anti-Copy Coin Rub™
    COIN ACTIVATED Security Back Print
    Rub the back of the sheet to reveal the words SECUREGUARD with a security Check Mark
    Scratch and reveal

  • (To Prevent Duplication and to Validate Coupon when redeeming)
    CIC Hologram
    CIC Logo embedded in hologram
    A Security Hologram on High Value and Free Product Coupons will contain
    the CIC logo embedded within the hologram stripe


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