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    SECURITY PAPER Assortment Package
    Protect Documents and Certificates
    from Unauthorized Duplication

    To help you determine the best product for your needs, we have put together this assortment package of Document Security Paper Products. This package also contains a list of products along with the various features incorporated into each of the products.

    Thus if a custom printed product will best serve your needs, by reviewing the various the various security features contained in these products, you will be able to pick and choose the features that will make your custom printed document unique.

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    Item# SP5799 ~ 8-1/2" x 11" sheets
    Document Security Paper

    with SECURITY HOLOGRAM LABEL on the cover sheet

    Package contains:

    1. SP5770 COPY OBSCURE - 2 side ~ (10 sheets)
    2. SP5751 NEW GENERATION - Blue ~ (10 sheets)
    3. SP5751R NEW GENERATION - Red ~ (10 sheets)
    4. SP5753 COPY REVEAL - Green ~ (10 sheets)
    5. SP5754 LEVEL ONE ~ (10 sheets)
    6. SP5755 LEVEL TWO ~ (10 sheets)
    7. SP5761 SECURE WATERMARK Security Paper ~ (10 sheets)
    8. SP5758 OFFICIAL DOCUMENT ~ (5 sheets)
    9. SP5759 SECURITY COUPON/CERTIFICATE ~ (5 sheets)
    10. SP5757 XTRASECURE-Blue/Green ~ (5 sheets)
    11. SP5760 XTRASECURE-Blue/Green 2 per sheet Security Paper ~ (5 sheets)
    12. SP5762 ULTRASAFE SAFETY PAPER ~ (5 sheets)
    13. SP5775 SecureCard™ Security Card Stock ~ (5 sheets)

    SP5799 Document Security Assortment Package
    100 sheets per package ~ $ 20.00 per package

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    We cannot ship our Assortment Paper Package outside of the USA or Canada.

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    It is important to note that copier technology is ever changing.
    Thus messages hidden on Document Security Paper will appear most of the time.
    However messages cannot be guaranteed to appear 100% of the time
    when used with all copiers or scanners.

    USA flag - Micro Format, Inc. Micro Format, Inc. is a veteran owned company.
    Micro Format SecureGuard Paper Products are manufactured in the USA from American Made materials.

    Tamper Resistant Document Security Paper Assortment Package
    Manufactured by Micro Format where
    Document Security Paper IS OUR BUSINESS ....
    Not A Side Line !

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