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  • Ink Jet Window Cling
    from Micro Format's Imagination Gallery


    Make amazing Cling Window Images
    Adheres to most glass, Plastic or Baked Enamel Surfaces,
    Windows, Cars Windows, Appliances, Picture Art.
    Easy to Remove.

    Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
    Not recommended for use in Laser Printers

    Magic "Cling Stick" has a Special Treated Surface so that you can
    print brilliant colors with your color ink jet printer.

    Print images in reverse on Clear Window Cling.
    Allow to set before using.

    Remove film backing material and place on inside window.
    Once the backer film has been removed, the window cling film is "crystal clear!"

    Super Color Cling is a clear film manufactured with a low tack adhesive on the back.

    Looking for "WHITE cling ?
    Print a "mirror image" on clear window cling.
    Next take a full label sheet (Item#ST8511)

    Remove the backer from the label sheet.
    Place the label over the printed image on the cling,
    making sure to eliminate any air bubbles.

    Next remove the backer film from the cling.
    Position the cling on the window.
    View image through the window.
    You will actually see the image through the cling
    against a white background.

    It really works. !

    Ink Jet Cling - Special Discount Prices

    Sheet size 8-1/2" x 11"

    • SP5676-B ... "Clear" Window Cling
      Regular Price: 200 sheets per package --- $225.00 per package
      Special ON LINE Price: 100 sheets per package --- ONLY $75.00 per package plus shipping by UPS

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