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  • Dedicated to the Prevention of Unauthorized Document Duplication

  • Luminary TechnologyTM
  • Instant ValidTM
  • Secure MarkTM
  • Secure RubTM
  • Anti-Copy Coin RubTM
  • UV Fiber SecureTM
  • Color Fiber SecurityTM
  • Toner BondTM
  • Chemical Test SecurityTM
  • Duo Color Security BackgroundTM
  • Anti-Copy NumberingTM
  • Secure GlowTM
  • Security HologramTM
  • Scratch-SecureTM
  • Premium Erasure ProtectonTM
  • Metal Stripe SecurityTM
  • Anti-Copy WatermarkTM
  • Micro Line SecureTM
  • Hidden Message TechnologyTM
  • Security PhantomTM
  • Warning Bands
  • Batch Number ProtectionTM
  • UV SecureTM
  • Line Mark SecureTM

  • SecureGuard™ DOCUMENT SECURITY FEATURES ..... and How They Work

    Security Feature

  • Micro Line Printing

    Micro Line Security is a series of words printed in a very small font.
    When viewing this covert security feature, to the "naked" eye the words appear as a ruled line. However when viewed under a magnifying glass, the words become visible.

    Should a document using this technology be photocopied,
    the words in the Micro Printed Security Line tend to run together
    making them impossible to read, even under magnification.

  • Micro WordsTM Security
    Micro WordsTM are a series of small words prints across the sheet.
    Because the letters are so small, microprinted words are hard to replicate
    This can be a single line or a series of lines repeated down the entire sheet.
    When viewed in it's entirety, the lines appear as a distinct background.
    These lines of text may be printed on the front or back of the sheet.

    View the Micro Security Line under a magnifying glass.
    Under magnification you can read the words SECURE PRESCRIPTION all run together

    Micro Security Line

    Magnified Micro Security Line

    Note: Because of improved high resolution copier technology, it is possible for a "Micro Line" to be accurately duplicated without the words "filling in."

    As with all security features, the fact that a feature fails to work as indicated does not mean a document is counterfeit.
    It means the recipient should check for additional features.

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