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    There is much more to
    Document Security Paper
    than just Hidden Message Technology
    (also known as "VOID Background").

    The "HIDDEN MESSAGE TECHNOLOGY" (VOID background) feature
    is the most common and least dependable security feature.

    Words such as VOID and UNAUTHORIZED COPY should appear when a document is copied .....

    It's a fact.
    As digital technology continues to evolve and photo copier and scanner technology continues to improve, you may find that copies can be made without the hidden message appearing.
    There are dozens different patents as well as public domain methods used to print this technology. Unfortunately NONE of these techniques work 100% of the time on 100% of the copiers.

    For this reason it is important to use Layer on Layer Technology to protect documents from accurate duplication.

    Until regulations were passed by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stating that all Medicaid Prescription must be written on Tamper Resistant Paper, the definition of Tamper Resistant Paper was vague.

    Prior to this legislation, paper that contained one or more security features could be defined as “Tamper Resistant.”

    All Security Features fell into two categories. Security Features were described as either
    To secure a document, it was recommended to use one or more security features from each category

    However following the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) legislation that went into effect October 1, 2008, to be considered Tamper Resistant Security Paper as it relates to Prescription Paper (Rx Scripts), the actual paper on which the script is written must contain at least ONE SECURITY FEATURE from each of the three categories as defined by CMS.
    CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) described these categories as follows:

    Category One ~
    One or More industry-recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying

    Category Two ~
    One or More industry-recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification
    of information written on a prescription by the prescriber.

    Category Three ~ One or More industry-recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms.

    Since the CMS legislation passed, there have been numerous discussions and papers written as to which security features fall under the three categories stated above. It is important to note the intent of the legislation; to prevent fraud and accurate duplication of medical prescriptions.

    We submit the following "Industry-Recognized" security features and the categories in which we believe they fall.

    Secure Guard Papers
    The Secure Guard line of Document Security Paper Products include a wide range of security features,
    both OVERT and COVERT features.

    Click to view a GRID that illustrates the various features built in to each of the Secure Guard Security Paper Products.

    Thanks to the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) legislation, we now have a set of guidelines which can act as a basis upon which to build a better understanding of Tamper Resistant Security Paper and Document Security Paper Features.

    How to decide which Document Security Paper
    is best for your needs ?

    1. Like it or not, realize that EVERYTHING can be copied.
      • It can be copied with a Color Photocopier
      • It can be copied with a Black & White copier
      • It can be copied with a Scanner
      • It can be copied with a Fax Machine
      • It can be copied with a Digital Copier
      • It can be copied with a Digital Camera
      If there were a way to prevent a document from being copied, it would end the problem counterfeit money. Every country in the world would incorporate the technology into their currency.

      So we must start with the premise that there is nothing in the world that will prevent your document from being copied.
      If your goal is to purchase a paper that is impossible to copy ...
      No matter what anyone tells you ... there is a way to copy every document !

    2. Determine the Value of your document
      If this document is copied, will it cause monetary harm?
      • Are you using Security Paper as a deterrent against making copies?
        • Business Plan
        • Price List
        • Instruction Manual
        • Meeting Transcript
        • Software source code
      • Are you using Security Paper to protect a document that is worth money?
        • Valuable Coupon worth cash
        • Valuable Coupon that can be exchanged for product
        • Valuable Discount Coupon
        • Valuable Gift Certificate
        • Event Ticket
        • Raffle Ticket that must not be duplicated
        • Valuable Concert Ticket
        • Valuable Contract

    3. Choose Paper with the Technology needed to accomplish your objective
      • If your objective is
        Security Paper as a deterrent against making copies:

      A document security paper such as All Purpose Security Paper that contains a "hidden message"
      security feature, may be duplicated on some photo copiers
      without the words "UNAUTHORIZED COPY" showing up on the copy.

      • If your objective is
        Security Paper because this document that is worth money:

        Your choice depends upon the NUMBER OF SECURITY FEATURES required.

        It is Impossible to accurately duplicate a document printed on Micro Format
        Layer-on-Layer Document Security Paper Products.

        • There are TWO categories for security features -
            OVERT (Active) Features and COVERT (Passive) Features
          1. OVERT (active) FEATURES
            Used to identify an original document by sight and/or touch.
          2. COVERT (passive) FEATURES
            Feature becomes apparent when a document is photocopied or scanned.
            Additional action is required to activate this feature.

        The Monetary Value of the document should determine the number of security features required. Layer-on-Layer Security provides methods by which an original document can always be differentiated from a copy.

        When manufacturing security paper with HIDDEN MESSAGE TECHNOLOGY
        the message is hidden the the printed background.
        Thus Hidden Message Technology is not available on a white sheet of security paper.
        If you need White Security Paper,
        you may consider
        Secure Watermark Paper
          Features include:
        • Bright White Wove ~ Premium Sulphite
          Acid Free ~ Archival Quality
          a Micro Format exclusive watermarked security paper product ...
          manufactured by Micro Format for the exclusive use by Quick Printers, Digital Printers and Copy Centers.
        • To verify the document is an original, hold up to light to view the SECURE WATERMARKTM security paper watermark in the paper
        • Since SECURE WATERMARKTM paper is
          ONLY AVAILABLE from Quick Printers, Digital Printers and Copy Centers

          a "chain of custody marketing agreement" is not required.

    At Micro Format,
    Manufacturing Tamper Resistant Security Paper is our Business ...
    Not A Sideline

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