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At Micro Format, protecting valuable documents from unauthorized duplication
while providing unique methods for document validation,
is our FULL TIME business.

Over the past few years, there has been an upswing in the number of forged transcripts circulating in the accademic and in the business community. Like currency, it is important to update and protect these valuable documents with the lastest technology.

Micro Format offers largest selection of Innovative Document Security Features
Let us show you how the combination of the latest Overt and Covert Security Features prevent unauthorized document duplication.
You have a choice. You can continue printing your current transcript paper OR
You can UPDATE YOUR TRANSCRIPTS with the latest and most INNOVATIVE document security features.

Now is the time to contact the DOCUMENT SECURITY SPECIALISTS at Micro Format SecureGuard.
Phone: 800/333-0549
Fax 847/520-0197
e-mail support@highsecuritypaper.com
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REACT Secure Transcript Paper

REACT Secure Transcript Paper Official Document Transcript Paper

for Trade and University Print Shops

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