For over 35 years, SecureGuard, a division of Micro Format, has been the source doctors and healthcare professionals rely on for tamper-resistant prescription papers and prescription pads. Every SecureGuard prescription paper and pad meets or exceeds all state, Medicaid, and FDA requirements and recommendations for prescriptions of all kinds, including controlled substances.

But compliance is only the beginning. We know it isn’t just your license you worry about, it’s also your reputation. So we take your document security a step beyond compliance. We use layer-upon-layer security technology to safeguard your prescriptions from tampering or duplication. By using SecureGuard prescription papers and prescription pads, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you, your practice and your reputation are protected from prescription fraud.

Learn more about our layer-upon-layer security technology by visiting our Security Features page.

Want to understand even more about why Document Security Matters™? Visit our SecureGuard resources website for detailed information on the document security protections residing in all our products.

Disclaimer: This site is for use by doctors, other healthcare professionals, medical clinics, healthcare offices, and medical facilities only. Verifiable documentation is required for ordering. Acceptance and fulfillment of all orders for SecureGuard prescription papers and prescription pads is subject to the approval of our document security compliance team. The use of prescription papers is controlled by Federal and State agencies. Any attempt to purchase SecureGuard products by unauthorized persons or persons providing falsified information will be reported to the proper authorities and subject to prosecution to the furthest extent of the law.