Custom Thermal Papers

Custom Thermal Papers



High Security Paper

Micro Format Inc. is an award-winning product innovation company specializing in tamper resistant, anti-copy, fraud resistant, security paper products.  For over 35 years, SecureGuard, a division of Micro Format, has been a reliable provider for doctors and healthcare professionals. Now, aside from traditional checks and money orders, there are a wide scope of printed documents that have become targets for counterfeit attack.  Coupons, school transcripts, contracts, court transcripts, manuals, and ID badges are a few of the documents that may need protection in today‚Äôs environment.  At Micro Format, Inc. we develop and manufacture products to help you secure your printed documents that may otherwise become targets for counterfeit attack.


Disclaimer:   Acceptance of any and all orders for security paper products is at the discretion of the Micro Format Document Security Compliance Team.  All orders are reviewed before shipping.